Extra virgin olive oil designed for children

A pleasant taste with the cultivar Ogliarola Gargano

Extra virgin olive oil designed for children What makes it unique extra virgin olive BimboBio Giovanni Troiano ? It's particulary sweet taste, the scent of fresh vegetable aromas, it's cloudy appareance and is green with yellow highlights.

It has been designed for infant use. For this reason, the cultivars were chosen Ogliarola Gargano and the cultivar Leccino, able to give our product a sweet and pleasent taste, slightl fruity, whila retaining an underlying tone is sweet and delicate, with hints of fresh almond and mostly read feelings of grass/leaf and artichoke, particularly suited to the palate of the onfant or child is accepted because this flavour in a natural way.

BimbioBio oil is designed not only to offer a healthy and natural but it is also indicated for proper nutrition. Ours is a flexible product with many benefits that can help to develop , from an early age , the habit of extra virgin olive oil for a healthy diet based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet .

Our goal is to offer a product that will educate your child from an early age to the flavor of the olive oil that is excellence in terms of nutrition for its level of polyphenols with a high natural antioxidant (polyphenols , vitamin E, and OmegaTocoferolo ) and anti-inflammatory , is the symbol of the combination of food and health. Accustom the child , from the earliest stages of life, health-conscious taste and benefits of extra virgin olive oil is an important process which will undoubtedly fruit.

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