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The BimboBio extra virgin olive oil is highly digestible. It is the fat that is better tolerated by our digestive system. Because of that it is particularly suitable for children. Why? First of all,it reduces gastric acidity, it protects the mucous membranes of the stomach and it regulates the emptying of the gallbladder, aiding in digestion of other fats. Generally speaking it controls all bowel functions and it is particularly effective against children's constipation. It is full of natural E vitamin.

Thought for children or for the most delicate palates, BimboBIO is the extra virgin olive oil of high quality. It is an healthy and organic oil: 100% made in Italy. Taste has hints of green grass and leaf well balanced with almond and artichoke notes. Has fresh vegetables aromas. 250 ml bottle. Cold extracted. Let's discover our oil certifications.

BimboBio, extra virgin olive oil 6 bottles

BimboBio children oil 6b

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