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Olivita Cosmetics, a line of cosmetics with organic extra virgin olive oil, was born from our love for nature and tradition. The moisturizing and soothing olive oil, makes it ideal for daily cleansing and purification of the skin. Thanks to the delicate properties of olive oil, the products Olivita Cosmetics are suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The hydrating and soothing olive oil action, makes it ideal for daily cleansing and purification of the skin. Our idea of ??beauty aims to combine the quality of treatment with the naturalness, respect and appreciation of nature that surrounds us.

Why olive oil
Appreciated in ancient Egypt  for his many qualities, olive oil has extraordinary properties in cosmetics and skin care. Effective in combating cutaneous phenomena, such as the dryness and desquamation, olive oil is also useful to treat irritant dermatitis and allergic contact or to an anti-inflammatory action, without having to resort to topical steroids.

The composition of fats (triglycerides) in olive oil, very similar to the sebum of the skin, makes it, among  the natural lipids, one with the greatest affinity for the lipid layer of the skin. Rich in olive oil, Olivita Cosmetics’ formulations exert a natural anti-oxidant, hydrating and emollient well tolerated by all kind of skins. Olivita Cosmetics’  aims is to enhance woman and her beauty, using a natural ingredient such as  olive oil.

Olivita Cosmetics’ range, no preservatives, well tolerated by the skin
Olivita Cosmetics’ line consists of the precious regenerating face cream which offers a very unique formulation of hyaluronic acid and olive oil and face & body scrub that exploits the mechanical action of purifying very delicate granules derived from the core of the olives. The range is completed body cream and hand cream. Dermatologically tested, without the use of animals.

Our range also has been enhanced with new products based on organic extra virgin olive oil: we have the new body cream, legs and feet organic extra vergin oil cream, Day & Night organic extra vergin oil cream, organic extra vergin oil face cream organic and organic extra vergin oil lipstick. Dermatologically tested, without the use of animals, nickel tested and paraben free.

Body cream with organic extra virgin olive oil

Organic oil body cream

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Hand cream with extra virgin olive oil

Hand cream

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Exfoliating face and body cream

Exfoliating face body cream

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